106 Best Physical Therapy Research Topics

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Do You Need Help in Selecting Physical Therapy Research Topics?

Doctors recommend physical therapy to ease pain, help the movement and improve their patients’ lives. To be a physiotherapist, you have to undergo training in accredited institutions. You have to pass exams and write quality research to earn a license in the study period.

However, sometimes it becomes an issue getting an excellent research topic that can get you top grades. That is why we have a service topic that guides you in researching physical therapy care plans and exercises. But before you go through the physical therapy research topics, you should first go through expert tips to help you through the project.

Tips on How to Select the Best Physical Therapy Research Topics

When doing research, topic selection is the most crucial step. As you are aware, selecting a good topic is not easy. But if you follow our tips religiously, you’ll have a very smooth time handling your projects.

1. Select a physical therapy topic that interests you

When you select a topic that interests you, you can quickly write.

2. Narrow your topic

A narrow topic is easily manageable. We recommend selecting a narrow topic to avoid losing focus when writing. Further, it would help if you read the scope of your research to know the requirements of your project.

3. Read Notes

By reading your notes, you refresh your mind. Further, it would help if you went through your notes as they also help when carrying out preliminary research on the topic you are about to select. We also recommend that you go through journals and periodicals and if you have any issue finding them, contact us for assistance.

4. Create evaluative questions

Once you find a topic, you should create questions to review it. For example, use “who”, “why”, “where”, “when”, and “how” to evaluate your research topic.

Qualities of a Top-Notch Physical Therapy Research Question

After you select a physical therapy research question that fascinates you, you should check if it has the following qualities:

Clarity: Your research topic should be straightforward and easy to understand.

Concise: Your physical therapy research question should be direct to the point.

Complex: Your topic should not be answerable by yes or no. Your research should be analytical and argumentative.

Focused: Your topic should be narrow and focused to one point. A broad topic is not manageable and becomes challenging for your audience to understand.

Your final grade depends on the topic that you select. If you need help selecting the physical therapy topic below, do not hesitate to contact us.

25 Hot Topics in Physical Therapy

Hot physical therapy research topics are fascinating topics. With have some hot topics for you. Check them out.

  1. Compare and contrast incline bench press and flat bench press
  2. Compare and contrast muscle activation between weight bench press and Smith machine
  3. Compare and contrast therapeutic ultrasound and sham ultrasound on pain management
  4. Discuss the muscles used by athletes during a secondary press
  5. Does bench press improve athletes?
  6. Effects of stabilizing spoons on people with Parkinson’s disease?
  7. Evaluate the effects of therapeutic ultrasound for knee osteoarthritis
  8. Explain the bench press biomechanics
  9. Explain the effects of bench inclination on the electromyographic activities of muscles
  10. Explain the influence of bench press on upper extremity muscular activation
  11. Explain the role of therapeutic ultrasound in the management of De Quavaina’s disease
  12. How does changing the angle of the weight bench affect exercise?
  13. How effective is neuromobilization maneuver on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
  14. How effective is the combination of exercises and therapeutic ultrasound for patients with knee osteoarthritis?
  15. How effective is the use of therapeutic ultrasound in treating rheumatoid arthritis?
  16. How is a breathing exercise in pneumothorax an essential physical therapy technique?
  17. How is shockwave therapy applicable in physical therapy facilities?
  18. Manual resistance techniques as a tool to improve muscle activity and tension exercise
  19. What are the effective conservative treatments for De Quervain’s Disease?
  20. What are the effects of grip width on the myoelectric activity in a bench press?
  21. What are the effects of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on managing physical impairments?
  22. What are the problems of rehabilitation and restorative therapy for alcoholic patients?
  23. What is the best treatment for arthritic knees?
  24. Which physical therapy approach is applicable for neurological patients?
  25. Which physical therapy techniques are used to prevent pulmonary complications?

Pediatric Physical Therapy Research Topics

Pediatricians train to evaluate and treat delays in motor skills for children to move around quickly. Are you fascinated with pediatric physical therapy research topics? We hope you find one below:

  1. Compare clinical decision making by experienced and inexperienced pediatric physical therapists
  2. Compare sensory-motor and cognitive function between autism and Asperger’s disorder on infants
  3. Describe neonatal physical therapy
  4. Describe the motor delays in young children and development concerns
  5. Describe the process of professional pediatric physical therapy education
  6.  Effects of aquatic physical therapy at a pediatric rehabilitation
  7. Examine movement kinematics in infants with high functioning autism and Asperger’s disorder
  8. Explain how the gross motor is effective in pediatric physical therapy
  9. Explain the benefits of pediatric physical therapy
  10. Explain the pediatric physical therapy practices for children with brain trauma
  11. Give a scope of pediatric physical therapy practice in the promotion of fitness for children
  12. How are pediatric physical activities effective in the management of congenital muscular torticollis?
  13. How can movement analysis in infancy be used in the diagnosis of autism?
  14. How do physiotherapists encourage the development of children with cerebral palsy?
  15. How does qualitative research expand knowledge in pediatric physical therapy?
  16. How is deadlifting effective in pediatric physical therapy?
  17. How is the non-comprehensive taping technique effective in the treatment of hernia?
  18. Pain in children with cerebral palsy. What are the implications of pediatric physical therapy?
  19. Perspective on motor functioning of children with autism
  20. Physical therapy for autistic children
  21. Survey the current pediatric practices
  22. What are the challenges in teaching pediatric physical education in entry-level programs?
  23. What are the cost-effective physical therapy techniques for the treatment of umbilical hernia?
  24. What are the most common pediatric physical therapy techniques?
  25. What is the best physical therapy for children with cerebral palsy?

25 Expert Sports Physical Therapy Research Topics

If you think of sports physical therapy questions, you brainstorm ideas that help explore sports therapy development. We have selected the best 25 topics to help you get top grades.

  1. Describe the pathomechanics of plantar fasciitis
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of plantar fasciitis
  3. Diagnostics in orthopedic physical therapy
  4. Discuss the nature of clinical practice for physical therapy specialists
  5. Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization and sport rehabilitation
  6. Evidence-based sports physical therapy practices
  7. How does long term physical therapy for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis
  8. How does the cost of physical therapy influence patient registry
  9. How effective are manual physical therapy and patient education
  10. How is deep, transverse friction massage effective in treating lateral elbow tendonitis
  11. Injury registration and fitness assessment of athletes after preseason
  12. Interpretation of scores in sports physical therapy
  13. Physical therapy for rehabilitation of acute spinal injury
  14. Physical therapy rehabilitation of athletes with groin pain
  15. Physical therapy techniques for patients with plantar fasciitis
  16. Physical therapy techniques in the management of patients with shoulder pain
  17. Playing with pain: The prevalence of soccer players playing with injured muscles
  18. The relationship between nutrition and sports physical therapy
  19. The role of massage in sports rehabilitation
  20. The use of a multifaceted approach in treating iliotibial band syndrome
  21. The use of qualitative research techniques for sports physical therapy
  22. Treatment of iliotibial band syndrome in runners
  23. What are the clinical cryotherapy in sports physical therapy
  24. What is the association between iliotibial band syndrome and running?
  25. What is the impact of physical therapy on clinical outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal conditions

Top 15 Current physical therapy research

Medical therapy has been improving for a year, and physical therapists are catching up with the current medical trends. For this reason, we have compiled the top 15 current physical therapy topics to help you through your project.

  1. Advancement is physical therapy research methods
  2. Analysis of physical therapy on Parkinson Disease
  3. Cardiopulmonary physical therapy
  4. Case study of the physical therapy workforce in the USA
  5. Comparison of impingement syndrome patients with and without manual physical therapy
  6. Current physical therapy isometric exercise
  7. Current physical therapy issues
  8. Effective physical therapy methods of managing piriformis syndrome
  9. Evolution of physical therapy
  10. How do you identify ethical issues in physical therapy
  11. Interferential current physical therapy techniques
  12. Physical therapy treatment of lower back pain
  13. Relationship between physical therapy and management of impairments
  14. Survey of physical therapy in schools
  15. What are the current facilitators and barriers in the implementation of physical therapy measures

15 Good research topics in physical therapy

Good physical therapy research topics lean towards questions that interest you. We hope that the topics listed below will interest you.

  1. Challenges that physical therapists face
  2. Effectiveness of physical therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee
  3. Importance of physical therapy in vestibular rehabilitation
  4. Patient goals in physical therapy
  5. Physical therapy for critically ill patients
  6. Physical therapy for patients with Bell’s Palsy
  7. Physical therapy management for patients with musculoskeletal disorders
  8. Physical therapy management of fibromyalgia
  9. Physical therapy patient satisfaction
  10. Physical therapy practices for patients with vulvar vestibulitis syndrome
  11. Physical therapy treatment after cardiac surgery
  12. Retrospective analysis of physical therapy ethics
  13. Survey for physical therapy educators
  14. The use of gross motor function in the evaluation of the effects of physical therapy
  15. What are the best chest physical therapy techniques for patients in intensive care

Research Topics for Physical Therapy Students

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