Two popular online tools that help tackle plagiarism nightmares are SafeAssign by Blackboard and Turnitin. Incase you have been searching “Turnitin vs Safeassign” we have a review for you.

Plagiarism is a heavily prejudiced act in the academic sector. Students should avoid this act at all costs.

Since the internet provides us with instant access to vast amounts of information from anywhere in the world, original ideas have become increasingly scarce. Hence, plagiarism detection tools and originality checkers are a necessity for professional instructors and online classes

What is Turnitin?

The Turnitin tool is an online plagiarism detection service employed in high schools, colleges, and universities to compare submitted works against the Turnitin database as well as with information on external sites.

The software compares submitted papers to numerous databases using a proprietary algorithm to check for possible duplicate text. The platform has licensing arrangements with reliable academic proprietary databases. It also scans its databases.

What is SafeAssign?

The SafeAssign software is a plagiarism detection tool that identifies overlaps between assignments and existing works. The tool aims to detect unoriginal content in submitted papers and help students appropriately cite materials instead of wrongly extracting or paraphrasing the content.

The application works by comparing a submitted paper to several databases to detect direct matches and possible paraphrases in the paper. SafeAssign uses the data from institutional reference archives, the internet, inform, and global reference databases to compare assignments.

Comparison between SafeAssign and Turnitin

Students and staff use SafeAssign and Turnitin in academic institutions to check for and prevent plagiarism. The platforms compare papers with online sites, library databases, eBooks, newspapers, magazines, journals, online reference sites, and previously submitted papers

The primary difference is that SafeAssign is integrated with Blackboard, whereas with Turnitin, you need to visit their website for access. Other comparisons include:

1. Fee

As for SafeAssign, the fee is included in the blackboard annual cost with a free service option available, while the Turnitin Annual fee is based on subscription and account type.

2. Spellchecker

SafeAssign has a spellchecker, but Turnitin does not.

3. Delegated or multiple marking

While the SafeAssign software supports delegated and multiple markings, Turnitin does not have this option.

4. Accepted file type

The Turnitin tool supports DOCX, DOC, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM, PS, PPT, PPTX and WordPerfect. SafeAssign on the other hand only supports DOCX, DOC, PDF, TXT, RTF, HTML, HTM and ODT.

5. Databases utilized

SafeAssign uses; Global reference database, institutional document archives, internet, and information database. While Turnitin utilizes; the internet, past published papers, subscription-based publications, library databases, digital reference collections, and homework assistance sites.

6. File size and submission from Cloud Storage Services

SafeAssign does not support direct submissions, and one can only submit a file of 10MB. On the other hand, Turnitin supports direct submissions via Google Drive and Dropbox, and students can submit a file of up to 20MB.

7. Creative and rich feedback

In SafeAssign, you can directly insert or embed audio, video, and mash-ups in the feedback section. Also possible to embed recordings from the webcam.

Turnitin provides feedback mostly through text. On the other hand, it is only possible to attach audio files with less than three minutes of playtime.

8. Time taken

Both tools provide originality reports within a few minutes. However, it may take longer when more students submit their work simultaneously.


From the comparison of SafeAssign and Turnitin, it is apparent that they both share some similarities and differences. They both perform the same function of preventing plagiarism and ensuring academic honesty among students.

However, SafeAssign has an added advantage over Turnitin regarding functionality. In terms of plagiarism prevention, Turnitin is more effective. But both do the same job just fine.

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