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Anatomy Assignment Help-Overview

Anatomy is a branch of medicine and biology that describes the interior structures of living things. In anatomy, we do not limit the description of structures to what we can see with our naked eye but also what we observe using magnifying equipment. In this case, we refer to the part of the anatomy that deals with microscopic structures as microscopic anatomy.

Below is a highlight of how we classify anatomy:

Gross Anatomy

Gross anatomy is the study of structures visible in the naked eye or macroscopic in an organism. For the study of structures, we dissect organisms using the medical imaging process.

Microscopic Anatomy

Microscopic anatomy involves studying the body, cells, tissues, and molecules using microscopes. In this case,  we refer to the study of cells as cytology, while tissues as histology. For you to carry out microscopic anatomy, you need different microscopic instruments will various magnifying power.

Anatomy is divided into three sections:

Animal Anatomy

Animal anatomy is focused on studying the structure of body parts of organisms—the information from the structure gives knowledge on how the parts are capable of functioning.

Plant Anatomy

Plant anatomy focuses on the shape, size, and structure of plants. Like other living things, plants are made up of cells and tissues which enable their functionality.

Human Anatomy

Human anatomy is the study of the structures of the human body. Consequently, understanding the human anatomy is vital to medical practice as well as other factors of health. Traditionally, human anatomy involved dissection. However, with the improvement of technology, imaging is to see inside a body.

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