Best Rock Identification App Camera

Whether you are a tutor or a student just fascinated with geology, it is crucial to identify rocks, rocks, and minerals with your phone camera. Accurate identification of specimens brings the probability of keeping a sample or throwing it back to the field. Consequently, we have reviewed the best rock identification app cameras for you to explore.

Since, we are in an extraordinary technological era we can easily access information that assists us to identify minerals and rocks accurately. The information is just at the tip of our finger tips ready to be accessed.

This article discusses the best rock and mineral identification app cameras that use AI to identify rocks and minerals in situ or transported. Through the camera, you can study minerals, chemical and physical characteristics.

The list of best rock identification app cameras at the review are free. Therefore, we give you an option to download them for free and try them out yourself.

1. Google Lens-Best Rock Identification App Camera

Google Lens allows you to search faster and get a rock’s characteristics using just your phone camera or a photo. The app is easy to use as you do not need to download an extra app to identify rocks and minerals. For the apps that we have reviewed, Google Lens is the best rock identification app camera in the market.

The app is one of the best rock identifiers as you identifiers rocks and minerals in their natural position. But if you are in an area with low connectivity, you can take a picture and upload it to the app later. After you upload, Google Lens gives you results that match your photo to study your specimen’s characteristics further. The app is available for free for Android and IOS users.

2. Rock Identifier Stone Finder

Are you looking for an app that enables you to identify rocks by simply taking pictures using your mobile phone? You should try out the Rock Identifier Stone Finder. Using it is very simple. You require taking a photo using your phone and upload it to the app. It will quickly give you the name and the characteristics of the rock or the mineral.

The Rock Identifier Stone Finder is the second-best rock identification app camera for academics and geology fascination.

On the results panel, you can choose the results that have a high resemblance to the minerals or the rock in your photo.

Price: Free

Devices: iPhone and iPad


Whether you are in the academic field or have an interest in geology, you should try the above apps. Google Lens and Rock Identifier Stone Finder are the best rock identification app cameras that you can find in stores.

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