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ICT stands for Information Communication Technology. ICT coursework revolves around the internet and computer applications. It helps students understand how technologies provide access to data through telecommunications like wireless networks, the internet, and radio. Our ICT homework help services have a team of experts to handle all your ICT assignments. As a student handling several assignments with close deadlines, schoolwork can become overwhelming. Most of the time, you will miss deadlines and therefore miss marks if you decide to do all the work alone.

ICT keeps on evolving, and it has transformed human life significantly. It all started with computers, and currently, we have robots using artificial intelligence to perform human tasks. Students must be equipped with ICT knowledge because the world is moving away from face-to-face communications to digital communication.

If you are interested in taking studying ICT, you must be ready to write the assignments. While we all interact with information technology every day, writing an entire assignment is not as easy.

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We understand that ICT is a vast area of study, and you must deliver facts and evidence to support your views. If you are an ICT student struggling to write good papers that will see you graduate with good grades, do not beat yourself so much because we are here to handle the assignments for you. 

If you are tired of handling numerous assignments and poor grades, it is high time to seek help, and we are here to lift the burden off your shoulders. Our team of ICT expert writers will help you meet deadlines, acquire superb grades, and they are available round the clock.

History of ICT

Computer-based technology is ever evolving, and it has undergone major changes over the years. The main changes have taken place due to modifications in algorithms, programming language, and data structure.

Below is a brief history of the evolution of computer-based technology:


It all started in 1984 when Charles Babbage came up with a proposal that captured computer technology’s analog and digital and the mechanical architecture.

In 1940, the very first computer was developed by Colossus. A device with access to digital storage from William Tube, later replaced the first computer.

The first computers were very large and consumed a lot of power. Modern-day computers are small in size, more powerful, consume less energy, and are portable.

The internet

The internet was developed around the 1960s as a result of research conducted by J.C.R. Licklider of MIT. The discovery of the internet would increase the value and usage of computers because they could share information across different fields. The global network of computers was first proposed in 1962.

ICT in schools

ICT in schools was first launched in 2004 and later revised in 2010. The main aim of introducing ICT in schools was to equip students with ICT skills that would enable them to study through a computer-supported learning process.

Why is ICT important to Students?

By using the internet, computers, and smartphones, students have already interacted with ICT before taking it up as coursework. In school, ICT is important to students in the following ways:

Variety of learning resources

With the advancements in technology, students have access to a variety of learning materials online. This enables them to strengthen their learning ability in ICT subjects. It is a subject that encourages learners to use the internet and computers not only for entertainment but as learning modules.

Expose students to enormous information

With the advancements in information technology, students have access to information on other subjects. Therefore students can research and strengthen their knowledge of other academic subjects.

Application of multimedia information technology

The multimedia subjects in ICT make learning fun and more interactive. The PowerPoint presentations, audio-visual techniques, and digital learning expose students to an interesting way of learning, breaking the monotony of lectures and notes.

Student collaboration

With digital tools, student collaboration has been made easy and seamless. Students can come up with team projects and work on them over the weekends, even when not in the same location. This way, students can learn from each other and build on their creativity.

Online learning

ICT and its tools have made E-learning possible. Teachers and students can come up with learning ways that benefit them. For instance, education did not stop for schools that have adopted ICT amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Through ICT, learners can attend class and gain the benefit of education no matter where they are.

Accessible to all

ICT allows the access of education to all types of students. As long a student has a computer and internet access, they can learn through the material provided. ICT came to do away with issues like the digital divide by ensuring that the disabled or less fortunate students have access to education.

Topics Covered in ICT Homework Help

ICT is a vast subject. To get the right help from us, you should identify the difficult ICT subjects for you. We aim to handle the tough subjects for you as you concentrate on what you are best at. Some of the topics covered in ICT homework help include:

Operating system

As an ICT student, you will need to study and understand different operating systems, uses, and functionalities. The GUI and command-line interface details are complicated, and many students find it hard to handle the related assignment. If this is your area of difficulty, contact us for help.

Input/output devices

The computer’s operating system is made up of input and output devices, including the keyboard, mouse, sensors, OMR, monitor, webcam, to mention a few. Can you categorize the mentioned devices into either output or input and their functions? If you cannot, we are here to help you handle related assignments.

Components of the computer system

By the end of this topic, students should identify the different components of computer hardware, their functions, and how they are interlinked. Hardware components include the CPU, RAM, ROM, and Motherboard, among others. If you have difficulties handling assignments related to this topic, do not hesitate to contact us.

Storage devices

This topic aims to equip you with knowledge regarding how data is stored in a computer. By the end of the topic, students should be able to differentiate the different types of data storage devices and their advantages and disadvantages.

Wireless systems

In this topic, ICT scholars look into types of wireless technologies and computers. By the end of this topic, you should explain the evolution of wireless connections from 2G to the current 5G.

Also, students should be equipped with knowledge of the latest advancements in wireless networks. If you are struggling with concepts related to wireless connections, our experts are ready to help you with your assignments.

Custom ICT Homework help

Our assignment services include writing customized papers following the instructions and requirements of the student. We require students to provide special instructions from the tutor and any supporting materials for the best outcome.

We will; research from approved publications for every custom-made paper, deliver original and unique work, adhere to the requested formatting style or technique, and include well-researched references and citations.

Why Choose Us for ICT Homework Help

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We understand the importance of unique and original papers. Our team of expert writers works towards delivering unique and quality papers. All papers are checked for plagiarism before submission.

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Our goal is to meet all your academic expectations. Our team of writers is focused on thorough research and focuses on the means to deliver success. Our writers are available and willing to take you through the assignment and explain areas of difficulty.

Also, in case something is not done as per your expectations, we offer free revisions to your satisfaction.

Professional writers

ICT is a unique and complex area of study. We only hire ICT specialists to handle your assignments to ensure that you get nothing but quality papers. We have experts to handle different levels of ICT assignments dedicated to delivering high quality. Therefore, you can trust us for good grades.

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With vast experience on academic work, we understand the severe consequences of late assignments. To relieve the stress of following your lecturer around because you failed to deliver, we have a writer working 24 hours, 7 days a week, to deliver quality assignments on time.

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Having worked with students for a while now, we understand that you sometimes operate on a tight budget. Consequently, our writing charges are estimated to fit your budget. Our goal is to help ICT students deal with the tough areas of school work, and we do not want anyone to miss this opportunity because of financial constraints and hence the pocket-friendly charges.

ICT homework Help: privacy and confidentiality

Client privacy is key to us. We understand that the importance of safeguarding the personal details of all our clients. Therefore, you can trust that your personal information like name, school and payment details will be treated as confidential. We can never disclose these details to any third party in any circumstance. Also, the final paper is for your eyes only.

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