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A literature review is a survey done on scholarly sources on distinct topics. Doing a literature review teaches you crucial knowledge that allows you to understand theories, methods used, and research gaps.

A literature review summarizes theories that contribute to your study area. Typically the summary ranges from 1000 words to 10000 words in length. The review gives a concise comparison of relevant literature that a student is pursuing.

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Writing a literature review requires a critical analysis of publications to give you an overall understanding of the subject. A literature review is vital in writing a thesis, dissertations, and term papers.

Further, the literature review consists of three major parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, it is one of the most challenging aspects of academic writing.

Literature Review Help: How Can We Help?

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Our company specializes in giving you top-notch reviews in the following branches of literature review:

 i. Narrative or Traditional Literature Review Help

In our traditional literature review writing service, our experts offer comprehensive, critical and objective analysis on the subject in research. Consequently, we analyze patterns and trends in publications to identify inconsistencies and gaps in them. The analysis provides a well-crafted research question from a theoretical and contextual opinion.

 ii. Meta-analysis Literature Review Help

We provide you with a meta-analysis review of publications to provide a quantitative estimation through statistical methods. The methods are structured and standardized to analyze specific topics in literature. However, a meta-literature review can also be quantitative to reveal biasness, strengths and weaknesses of research.

 iii. Systematic Literature Analysis Help

By doing systematic analysis, we critically evaluate the quality of a publication to answer a well-formulated topic question. We also synthesise multiple pieces of research in a typical methodological approach to create a summary that answers the research question.

 iv. Meta-Synthesis

By doing a meta-synthesis literature review, we integrate findings from many literature reviews to create interpretative results.

With expertise in the four methodologies, we offer undergraduate and postgraduate literature reviews services. We create custom and unique papers for our clients through our advanced skills in writing and specialism in creating top-quality informative reviews.

Key Steps you should follow when writing literature Review

To create a top-quality literature review paper, you should religiously follow the following steps:

  • Create a topic question
  • Look for pertinent literature resource
  • Evaluate the resources
  • Identify subject matter and gaps
  • Create an organized pattern for the publications
  • Develop a thesis statement
  • Write the literature review
  • Review you paper

What are the functions of a literature review?

We create custom papers to help you in four ways concerning your course. The paper will:

  • Clarify the research problem
  • It helps you learn to create a research methodology
  • Improve your understanding in the area of research
  • Help you conceptualize results

Literature Review Structure

A literature review is a vital part of writing papers. Below we have instructions on how a literature review paper should be structured:


The introduction is an integral part of a review as it defines the topic and provides conditions in which the literature review should be centered. The introductory paragraph should indicate of:

  • The importance of the review and the topic question
  • The scope of the topic
  • Criteria used for literature selection
  • The organizational structure of the literature review


The body contains paragraphs designed to explain different themes relevant to the topic sentence. Here, you need to synthesis various readings from various sources. Therefore, you need to critically analyze each source and understand how they contribute to the theme of your literature review.

The body should include:

  • Historical backgrounds of your sources
  • Methodology
  • Cite previous studies on your topic
  • Discuss the conventional and alternative viewpoints of the topic
  • Discuss the main question being asked
  • Discuss the general conclusion that you have drawn


A summary of the themes you have discussed in the review. In conclusion, you create a summary of:

  • The paramount consistency and the inconsistency in the literature
  • Explain the gaps the need further research
  • Your opinion in the topic

Checklist to follow when writing a literature review

It would help if you asked yourself the following questions before submitting a literature review paper:

  • Have I outlined the scope of the review?
  • Have I identified and used appropriate publications?
  • Have I correctly cited the sources?
  • How have I analyzed and critiqued the sources?
  • What are the gaps in the literature?
  • What are the methodologies and models used in the publications?
  • What are the viewpoints of the authors?
  • Is the paper structurally correct?
  • Is the paper well punctuated?

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