63 Expert Personality Psychology Research Topics

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How do we select the best personality psychology research topics?

When generating research topics, we look for the catchy ones that tempt you to start writing right away. There are a few crucial steps that we follow when creating top-notch ideas. Take a look:

1. Narrow topics

Do you want a topic that you can research in detail? At HelpForHomework, we narrow topics in a specific direction so that the audience can understand what the research is about.

2. Relevance

Before formulating a topic, we ask ourselves, “is the personality psychology research topic relevant?” If a research topic is not relevant, your audience will not find it worthwhile reading it or listening to your presentation.

3. Feasibility

Before generating personal psychology research topics, we check if the procedures and research strategies are relevant and sustainable.

4. We select original topics

When selecting personality research topics, we check for interesting ones and originality. Since our writers are fascinated with reading psychological publishings, they develop original ideas thanks to their time to time exposure to materials.

5. We choose appealing research topics

Logically, personality psychology research topics must be interesting and appealing to you and your audience. Consequently, we have generated a variety of topics that will surely fascinate you.

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Best Personality Psychology Research Topics

If you select the best personal psychology research topics, you are sure of your grades. The following topics have been researched professionally to help you through your project.

  1. A history of personality psychology: Theory and science
  2. A review of emotion management and social adjustment for autistic children
  3. Aggressive behavior in young adults with autism spectrum disorder
  4. Autism and personality: traits in autism spectrum disorder
  5. Behavior, performance, and effectiveness of personality psychology
  6. Evolution of personality psychology: Human nature and differences in personality
  7. Factors in mate selection: Mate preferences and marital satisfaction
  8. How does culture influence an organized marriage
  9. Impact of ADHD in character and personality development
  10. Moral psychology for the modern era
  11. Neuropsychology of borderline personality disorder
  12. Neuropsychology of paranoid personality disorder
  13. Personal growth experience of a sibling of a child with an autism spectrum disorder
  14. Personal growth experience of parents to children with cerebral palsy
  15. Personality and character difference between normal developing children and those suffering from cerebral palsy
  16. Relationship between substance abuse relapses and personality disorder

Excellent Personality Psychology Research Topics

Are you looking for excellent personality psychology research topics? We have some for you.

  1. Antisocial personality disorder: Criminal minds
  2. Antisocial personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  3. Avoidant personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  4. Borderline personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  5. Compare and contrast social phobia and avoidant personality disorder
  6. Correlation between comorbid antisocial personality disorder in schizophrenia
  7. Correlation between psychopathy in women and antisocial personality disorder
  8. Correlation between self-esteem and avoidant personality disorder
  9. Moral and social reasoning towards people with personality disorder
  10. Neuropsychology of avoidant personality disorder
  11. Neuropsychology of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
  12. Personality comparison of young adults with an autism spectrum disorder in comparison with young adults with personality disorders
  13. Psychopathy aggression in male offenders with antisocial personality disorder
  14. Social skills training in cerebral palsy disorder across the lifespan
  15. Use of emotional signals in male and female offenders with personality disorder

Expert Personality Psychology Research Topics

If you need expert personality research topics, you are in the place. Take a look at the following ideas:

  1. Correlation between schizophrenia and avoidant personality disorders
  2. Histrionic personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  3. Management and psychiatric treatment of avoidant personality disorders
  4. Mind Reading dysfunction in narcissistic personality disorder compared to other personality disorders
  5.  Narcissistic personality disorder and romantic relationships: Impact of narcissistic romance and rivalry
  6. Narcissistic personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  7. Neuropsychology of histrionic personality disorder
  8. Neuropsychology of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  9. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  10. Paranoid personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  11. Personality disorders in modern life
  12. Poor metacognition in avoidant personality disorder
  13. Redefining personality disorder diagnosis: integrating Artificial Intelligence and practice
  14. Schizoid personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  15. Social and family characteristics of people with dependent and histrionic personality disorders

Interesting Personality Psychology Research Topics

Finding interesting personality psychology research topics can be mind-boggling. To cut the hassle, we generated the following topics:

  1. Correlation between personality disorders and depression
  2. The current review of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
  3. Functional impairment in patients with Obsessive-compulsive, avoidant, narcissistic, and schizoid personality disorder
  4.  Cognitive therapy of narcissistic personality disorder
  5. Neuropsychology of antisocial personality disorder
  6. Dependent personality disorder: History, current status, and future directions
  7. Neuropsychology of dependent personality disorder
  8. Comparison between borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder
  9. Neuropsychology of narcissistic personality disorder
  10. Diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder in correctional facilities
  11. Genetic analysis of marriage and personality
  12. Neuropsychology of schizoid personality disorder
  13. The misunderstood: A review on patients with paranoid personality disorder
  14. Impact of childhood trauma on paranoid personality disorder
  15. Understanding and managing paranoid personality disorder
  16. Status of paranoid personality disorder in your country: The role of race, drugs, and income
  17. The relationship between childhood abuse and adulthood personality disorder

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