77 Professional Criminal Psychology Research Topics

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How Do We Select The Best Criminal Psychology Research Topics?

In the quest of research writing, generating a research topic is the crucial part. When formulating a topic, we consider the best qualities that make the idea workable. Take a look at some of the most critical aspects of an excellent research topic.

1. We Narrow Down Research Topics

Even if you are comfortable with a criminal psychology research topic, you need to know if it is narrow enough to be workable. That is why we formulate focused, clear, and specific ideas. Since our writers do extensive reading, they quickly brainstorm to provide you with research topics with all quality aspects.

2. We Create Interesting Criminal Psychology Research Topics

When formulating topics, we cover a range of topics covering students’ interests who access our platform. Even professional researchers select ideas that they are curious about. We ensure you work happily and get top grades in your project by formulating topics that interest you.

3. We Generate Manageable Topics

Choosing a manageable topic means that you can efficiently finish it in a given timeframe. Often, if you delay your research or lack enough information to finish it, it makes it hard to get excellent results in your project. However, we have selected topics with extensive resources that are interesting and easily workable.

4. Challenging Criminal Psychology Topics

If you are ready to challenge yourself, we have excellent topics for you. Our topics are appropriate to challenge the available literature.

5. We Avoid Over-Exhausted Criminal Psychology Topics

Even if a topic fascinates you, make sure it is not exhausted. Over-exhausted research does not catch the audience’s attention due to duplicates of previous projects.

Best Criminal Psychology Research Topics

If you are looking for the best criminal psychology research topics, we have some for you:

  1. Acting on command hallucinations and criminality: Implications and treatment
  2. Assessment of elderly financial abuse
  3. Assessment of the association between children and people with pedophilia
  4. Behavior analysis of serial killers
  5. Behavioral aspects of terrorists
  6. Cognitive perspective of delusions
  7. Controversies about dissociative disorder
  8. Correlation between antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, and sociopathy
  9. Correlation between childhood experiences and adulthood psychopathology
  10. Correlation between crime and terrorism: A criminal psychological perspective
  11. Correlation between delusions and criminal responsibility
  12. Correlation between drugs and substance abuse and antisocial personality disorder among patients under forensic psychology assessment
  13. Correlation between sane automatism and non-pathological criminal incapacity in your country
  14. Counseling of non-offending people with pedophilia
  15. Criminal psychology theory of suicide terrorism
  16. Criminal psychology: Nature and scope of elder abuse in your country

Expert Criminal Psychology Research Topics

We understand the hassle of looking for expert criminal psychology research topics recommendations. But it would be best if you did not worry anymore:

  1. Criminology study on pedophilia prevention in your country
  2. Critical analysis of dissociative identity disorder
  3. A current perspective of forensic psychology and criminal psychology
  4. Depiction of auditory verbal hallucinations in social media
  5. Does culture affect the criminal responsibility
  6. Education and training models in criminal psychology
  7. Effects of social media violence on youth
  8. Ethical issues facing criminal psychology
  9. Examining suicide by cop
  10. Expanding roles of criminal psychology
  11. Expanding the role of criminal psychology in a police investigation in your country
  12. Explain how the growth of children aggressive behavior links to adulthood crime involvement and antisocial disorder
  13. Explain the philosophical foundations of criminal responsibility
  14. Forensic evaluation of people diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder
  15. Forensic indicator of suicide by cop

Interesting Criminal Psychology Research Topics

When writing research, you have to select a topic that interests you. We hope that you find one from our list:

  1. Frequency of dissociative identity disorder in the general population of your country
  2. Genetics and criminal responsibility
  3. Hallucinations induced by isolation and life-threatening stress in prison
  4. History of criminal psychology
  5. History of terrorist rehabilitation
  6. Hostage hallucinations: A case study for hostages held by terrorists
  7. How does the exposure of violent media develop psychopaths?
  8. How has child pornography increased child molestation?
  9. Individual and situational influences of criminality
  10. Is delusion a symptom of violence?
  11. Literature review on antisocial personality disorder in adolescents
  12. Media as a predictor of societal violence
  13. Media psychology: Understanding the effects of violent media on children
  14. Neuropsychological differences between pedophilic and non-pedophilic child molesters
  15. Neuropsychology of drug addicts and criminal responsibility

Fascinating Expert Criminal Psychology Research Topics

If you are looking for a fascinating criminal psychology research topic, end your search. Here are some professional topics for you:

  1. Neuropsychology of pedophilia
  2. Neuropsychology of psychopaths
  3. Opportunities and obstacles in criminal psychology
  4. Pedophilia and child molestation: Theory, assessment, and intervention
  5. The perspective of auditory verbal hallucination in news media
  6. The perspective of crime and elder abuse
  7. Pharmacological treatment of impulsivity and aggression of antisocial personality behavior
  8. Prevalence of dissociative identity disorder among women in society
  9. Problems related to automatism and criminal responsibility
  10. Psychological blow automatism in the USA
  11. Psychological roots of the behavior of narcissists
  12. Psychology of criminal responsibility
  13. Public policies and prevention of children access to media violence
  14. Public policies on violent media in your country: Are they effective?
  15. Relationship between hallucinations and violence
  16. Relationship between neuroscience and criminal responsibility

Excellent Criminal Psychology Research Topics

You are assured top grades if you select an excellent criminal psychology research topic. Take a look at the list below and tell us what you think:

  1. Risk factors in childhood that result in the development of conduct disorder
  2. Scientific evidence of media violence
  3. Stigma research: Stigmatization of people with pedophilia
  4. Suicide by cop: Courses and intervention strategies
  5. Terrorism: Courses and psychological interventions
  6. The psychology of persecutory delusions
  7. Trends in treating persecutory delusions
  8. Understanding anger avoidant personality disorder in criminology
  9. Understanding antisocial personality disorder
  10. Understanding misconceptions and false beliefs in criminal psychology
  11. Understanding violent antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy
  12. Validity in the use of dissociative identity disorder in the criminal justice system
  13. What are the global situations, risk factors, and prevention strategies of elderly abuse
  14. What is the quality of current assessment models used in criminal psychology
  15. Why criminal psychology in military courts?

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Final Thoughts

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