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Topics in Physical Chemistry Help

Physical chemistry is predominated by macroscopic and supra-molecular science in terms of chemicals. In this branch of chemistry, we deal with the concepts of physics, which are described through the following topics:

  • Thermochemistry assignment help
  • Chemical kinetics assignments help
  • Quantum chemistry assignments help
  • Biophysical chemistry assignments help
  • Material science assignments help
  • Electrochemistry assignment help
  • Photochemistry assignment help
  • Surface chemistry assignments help
  • Solid-state chemistry assignments help
  • Spectroscopy assignment help

How to Study Physical Chemistry

Physical chemistry studies macroscopic and particulate phenomena in chemical systems in terms of the principles, practices, and physics concepts such as motion, energy, force, time, thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics, and analytical dynamics chemical equilibria.

Physical chemistry is one of the most rigid branches of chemistry since it combines chemistry, physics, and math concepts. Therefore, when studying the course, you need to understand the concept and know the critical results rather than memorize them. If you are conceptually sound, this part of chemistry should be comfortable. Besides, it is also handy to know a few tips and tricks which can considerably reduce your effort. Here are some tips to excel in physical chemistry.

Get your basics right first

Spend sufficient time on the critical chapters, such as the mole concept, atomic structure, and gaseous state. The concept of these introductory chapters forms the basis for the later ones. Mastering these topics first ensures a smooth flow and understanding of the other chapters.

Take notes

While revising, make it a habit of taking concise and brief notes on the chapter being covered. Compiling these notes comes in handy when you need to go through the chapter again. Making notes also ensure you understand and can always go back to the notes to confirm or remind yourself of something you forgot.


Interpreting all concepts is the key to success in physical chemistry. For interpretations, flashcards play a significant role in organizing and storing chemical symbols and formulas. The structure of flashcards makes memorizing formulas and symbols easier.

Go through your flashcards regularly to keep refreshing your brain.

Read the materials before going to class

Reading a topic or chapter before the lesson helps one familiarize oneself with the subject content, making class much easier to follow and understand. When reading, you gain little knowledge of what the lecturer discusses. Besides, reading also gives you a deeper understanding and a chance to ask questions you don’t clearly understand.

Dig deep on practice problems and keep practicing

Much practice eventually helps you learn different problems and the best approach to solve them. Further, practicing helps you understand the best way to use a formula and avoid mistakes. Consequently, consistent practice and revision help retain the concepts learned. For to practice chemistry problems you can visit Chemistry LebreTexts.

Ask lots and lots of questions

Asking questions about the lecture and topics not understood gives a deeper understanding of the concept. By asking questions, you avoid making mistakes since you have fully grasped the topic. While revising, it’s also advisable to write questions down and answer them if you can’t, then pose the questions to your classmates or even ask your lecturer. No matter how little or irrelevant the question is, ask it. Doing so eliminates any doubts you have on a subject and consequently steers you on the correct path.

Study chemistry when you are alert

Try setting aside some time each day when you are alert and ready to go.  While you are alert, you get quality time to read, absorb and understand the subject. Do not study when tired or sleepy, and this wastes your time since your mind won’t grasp any information. Read when your brain is fresh!

Use a study group

Research shows that students who regularly participate in study groups end up with higher grades. Reviewing problems and studying together helps understand how best to approach the concept. Further, study groups make studying much easier and more fun. Since every person has a different approach to a problem, you can combine this knowledge to develop more accessible solutions. Studying in groups increases your level of understanding compared to revising on your own.

Give importance to theoretical understanding

While giving a lot of your time and emphasis on practice, study the theoretical part. You need to be thorough on the theoretical concepts. By not doing so, or you’ll find yourself stuck on questions or problems that require a theoretical application.  Therefore, do not just cram it; learn it, understand it, and apply it. Once you do this, studying physical chemistry becomes even more accessible.

Solve past papers

By solving past papers, you get an idea of the kind of questions examiners tend to ask. You also may learn new concepts from the past papers and apply the same knowledge in your exams.

Above all, keep trying! Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. Do not compete with your colleagues. Find a solution that works for you. Keep mastering physical chemistry, learn tricks to help you excel. Finally, do not forget to ask questions you do not understand.

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