61 Expert Behavioral Finance Research Topics

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Do You Need Help in Selecting Behavioral Finance Research Topics?

Behavioral finance focuses on how psychology influences market outcomes. Experts use behavioral finance to understand how psychological bias affects business sectors and industries. It is essential to check industry biases and influences to understand how anomalies occur in markets. However, finding research topics has proven a challenge for many students. But worry no more. We have tips to help you select the best research topic.

Select a topic that you are interested you

The research process will be easy and more relevant if the question fascinates you.

Narrow your topic

If your topic is too broad, it may not be manageable. A broad topic has too much information, which makes you lose focus. Further, you should do background reading to limit the scope of your research.

Review guidelines

Read guidelines to narrow down your research topic’s scope. From the guidelines, you get suggestions on what you require in your research.

Read Notes

Read your lecture notes and refresh your knowledge. Also, carry out your preliminary studies on the topic. It would help if you went through journals and periodicals to identify the area that fascinates you and feel the need to address.

Consider your audience

It would be best to consider that audience for your research to select the research topic they can understand. By identifying your audience, you arrange details and supporting information in a tone and structure appropriate to your setting.

Create evaluative questions

After you have selected the research topic, you should list questions to evaluate it. The evaluative questions should ask how, why, where, and when. Such questions make you cover a broader analysis of your research topic.

We hope you now have the correct information to start your next project by reading the tips. But in case you need any assistance, we are available 24/7 to serve you.

Qualities of an Excellent Ethnographic Research Topic

As we have recommended, always remember to select a topic that fascinates you. After selecting the topic, you should check if it has the following qualities:

Clear: Your behavioral finance research topic should be clear to understand. A straightforward question is easily arguable and understandable to your audience.

Concise: Your research topic should be direct to the point. Being direct means, you express your topic with the shortest meaning words possible.

Complex: Your research topic should not be answerable by yes or no. It should be analytical and argumentative.

Arguable: Your research topic should be debatable.

Focused: Once you select your behavior finance topic, make sure it is narrow and focused and that you can answer it thoroughly.

Your final grade depends on how effectively you select your research topic. It would help if you prepared it on time to have enough time to write your paper. However, if you need help, contact us and get started. We have formulated expert behavioral finance research topics to avoid difficulties when looking for ideas.
20 Best Behavioral Finance Research Topics

  1. Analyze the economic situation of your country and the change of stock market from the 1980s
  2. Artificial intelligence for behavior finance
  3. Artificial intelligence in the block chain market
  4. Changes in the level are the changes in the level of income of the individual stock market
  5. Compare and contrast the activities of foreign and domestic business investors
  6. Digital currencies and digital payment
  7. Explain pandemics affect corporate credit rating
  8. Explain the calculation of volatility with a behavioral model
  9. Factors to consider when making personal financial decisions
  10. How do cultures and social factors influence the psychology of an investor?
  11. How do you use behavioral finance theories to analyze investment decisions?
  12. How does celebrity endorsement of financial products affect product sales?
  13. How do culture influence financial decision-making and entrepreneurial behavior?
  14. How do entrepreneurial skills influence financial decision-making?
  15. How does the use of mobile phones affect financial management?
  16. How has the development of cryptocurrency affected traditional financial systems?
  17. Is money the only medium of exchange?
  18. What are the effects of change of state economic policies on businesses
  19. What is the future of behavioral finance?
  20. What is the role of technology in financial decision-making?

20 Interesting Behavioral Finance Research Topics

  1. Analysis of security markets
  2. Analysis of the economic, financial, and material situation of households against state policies
  3. Behavior economics and monetary policy
  4. Chinese stock market and IPO
  5. Comparison between fundamental and speculative investors
  6. Conduct a study on bank loan defaults
  7. Discuss the interrelationship between behavioral biases
  8. Discuss the methods of improving credit risk management systems in financial institutions
  9. Discuss the pattern of insurance purchasers
  10. Discuss the proxy for corporate investor behavior
  11. Evaluate the new trends of behavioral finance in the stock market
  12. Explain the sources of economic crisis
  13. How do you inculcate behavioral finance into existing economic research?
  14. How do you model the psychology of an economist?
  15. How does divorce affect investment strategies?
  16. How is capital attributed to investors in the stock market?
  17. Impact of behavioral finance in the investment process and alternative methods of evaluating an investment performance
  18. Relationship between thermal economics and behavioral finance
  19. What are the methods of measuring financial literacy?
  20. What is marketing integrity theory?

21 Professional Behavioral Finance Research Ideas

  1. Behavioral factors influencing investment decision making
  2. Compare and contrast financial behavior, financial knowledge, and financial attitude towards an investment
  3. Discuss herd behavior in the financial market
  4. Discuss how remittance can be described as a monetary value
  5. Discuss overconfidence bias affect investments
  6. Discuss the relationship between financial education and behavioral finance
  7. Evaluate methods used to test risk degree when evaluating empirical study
  8. Evaluate the new methods used in behavioral finance
  9. Explain how leadership influences financial markets
  10. Explain the indicators of greed in financial markets
  11. Explain the methods used to factor irrationality in decision theory
  12. Explain the methods used to measure the impact of negative sentiment on stock markets
  13. How are questionnaires used to evaluate behavioral finance?
  14. How do CEOs influence the stock prices of a bank?
  15. How does budget influence financial decision-making?
  16. How does gender affect financial decision-making?
  17. How is behavioral finance replacing traditional finance?
  18. How do personality characteristics and demographics impact overconfidence bias?
  19. Investigate the relationship between oil and stock markets using volatility indexes
  20. What are the quantitative measures of behavioral finance?
  21. Which factors are used to measure the sentiment of assets?

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