75 Professional Palliative Care Research Topics

Health care professionals specializing in palliative care provide medical care for patients with severe illnesses like cancer and heart failure. Palliative care goes along with treatment to cure a severe illness. When studying palliative care, students must identify and fix symptoms by creative thinking and develop new methods using patient-reported results. There are many searches for “palliative care research topics” for people looking for ideas for their projects.

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Now let’s dive into the best palliative care research topics and recommendations.

Best Palliative Research Topics

When you select the best palliative care research topics, you will impress during your presentation. Remember, once you select a topic, contact us on the chat button and let us share some ideas on how to write and present your project.

  1. Palliative care for patients with advanced dementia: Which medical care plans work?
  2. A review on the challenges facing professional care of advanced dementia: How can the challenges be solved?
  3. Palliative care for children (in your country): History, current, future goals
  4. Evaluating the global need for palliative care for children
  5. Importance of early integration of palliative care for children with a high risk of getting cancer
  6. Current status of the implementation of palliative care education and research in your country
  7. Palliative care education in oncology training: Current status in your country
  8. Managing patient expectations in palliative care
  9. Managing emotional attachment between health professionals and palliative care patients
  10. A review of the global standards of palliative care
  11. A review of palliative care for patients with COVID-19
  12. Current status of palliative care in your country Prognosis acceptance and health of patients receiving palliative care for cancer
  13. A review on the access of palliative care( in your country) between diagnosis and death
  14. Evaluation of core skills required for palliative nursing in your country
  15. Management of newborn palliative care unit: How influential are they?

Top Palliative Research Topics

If you are yet to get a topic from the above recommendations, take a look at the topics listed below and let us know what you think. If you have some more ideas or topic combinations that you would like to share or have an expert opinion, we offer you free help.

  1. A scientific review of the efficiency of palliative care for patients with dementia
  2. Palliative care for advance dementia in your country: Knowledge and Attitudes
  3. Palliative care in children with cancer: Which and when?
  4. The efficiency of palliative care for children with a brain tumor
  5. The parental perspective of palliative care of children with cancer
  6. A review of the specialized palliative care in nursing education in your country
  7. Effectiveness of online palliative care training on knowledge, attitude, and fulfillment of palliative care health professionals
  8. Improving graduate training in palliative care: Impacts of advancing education and practice
  9. Improving specialist palliative care in a nursing home for older people: Process and challenges
  10. Improving specialist care for cancer patients: Procedure and challenges
  11. Effective models for the integration of palliative care at cancer centers
  12. Palliative care in cancer patients: Logic, evidence, and clinical implications
  13. Diagnosis acceptance and well-being of patients receiving palliative care for HIV/AIDs
  14. Discuss the availability of palliative care and end-of-life services for oncology patients
  15. Communication strategies and practices in oncology palliative care

Expert Palliative Research Topics

When administering palliative care, you need to follow the five principles of palliative care, namely:

  1. Care is patient, family and carer centred
  2. Care provided is based on patients’ need
  3. Patients, families, and carers have access to local and networked services to meet their needs
  4. Care is evidence-based, clinically and culturally safe, and effective
  5. Care is integrated and coordinated

Also, when you select a topic and write your research, you have to ensure that you follow the five principles of palliative care. Our writers go ahead and beyond to select some expert palliative research topics for you. Take a look.

  1. Advanced dementia palliative care in your country: History, current, and future priorities
  2. Educating families and society about palliative care for advanced dementia
  3. Palliative care in your country: Cost of care
  4. Communication challenges in palliative care of children with a brain tumor
  5. Impact of inpatient palliative care
  6. Impacts of teamwork in palliative care for older cancer patients
  7. Effectiveness of specialized pediatric palliative care
  8. Factors used to access the impacts of palliative care for older patients
  9. Evaluate how social inequalities affect the administration of palliative care for cancer patients
  10. Evaluation of the need for palliative care units in third world countries
  11. Ethics and ethical challenges faced by health professionals in palliative care
  12. Development of palliative care in your country
  13. Innovative palliative care models promoting end-of-life experience
  14. Pediatric end-of-life challenges and palliative care
  15. Introduction of palliative care in higher education curriculum

Interesting Palliative Care Research Topics

You also might be looking for some interesting palliative care research topics. The good thing is that you can choose from many exciting and fun research topics. However, we have a few good ideas from a collection of exciting research topics. The few palliative research topics below will make your research more engaging.

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  1. Goals of palliative care in dementia: Welfare, dignity, and comfort
  2. Palliative care for advanced dementia patients in the emergency department
  3. Impact of coronavirus on pediatric palliative care team structure, services, and care delivery in your country
  4. Impact of coronavirus on outpatient palliative care of senior citizens
  5. Effectiveness of outpatient palliative care as experienced by families and health care professions
  6. Factors used to evaluate specialized pediatric palliative care
  7. How does an increase in pediatric palliative care improve outcomes in children with serious illnesses?
  8. Pediatrician’s insight and preferred timing for palliative care for children with cancer
  9. Evaluate the psychological and spiritual needs of patients in palliative care
  10. Sedation controversy in palliative care
  11. Conduct a qualitative study on the meaning and practice of self-care among palliative care health professionals
  12. Compassion fatigue in palliative care providers
  13. Public health strategy for outpatient palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic
  14. Benefits of pediatric palliative care
  15. Developing guidelines to identify patients that would benefit from the palliative care services

Appealing Palliative Care Research Topics

Have you been looking for some Appealing Palliative Care Research Topics? Your search ends here as we have some captivating recommendations that are easy to research and fascinating to present. If you don’t get a good suggestion, contact us for some free advice.

  1. Communication challenges in the application of palliative care for dementia patients
  2. The role of timing of palliative care for patients with mental disability and dementia
  3. Pediatric palliative care in oncology: History, Current, Future perspectives
  4. A review of recent literature on communication in palliative care
  5. Impacts of the implementation of palliative care in pediatric hospitals
  6. Challenges in providing palliative care for older people in nursing homes during the COVID-19 pandemic
  7. Evaluate the challenges that health professionals face when providing palliative care for older people in acute hospitals
  8. A public health service perspective on palliative care for older people
  9. Challenges in providing palliative care for older people with Parkinson’s disease
  10. Contemporary medicine in palliative care and serious illnesses management
  11. Health care cost of palliative care for cancer patients: Systematic review
  12. Health care cost of palliative care for kidney disease patients
  13. Patterns of access to palliative care in your country
  14. Planning and implementation of palliative care for homeless citizens
  15. Effects of early palliative identification in palliative care services

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