Almost every kid and many adults are fascinated by rocks. Whether you’re a student studying geology or you’re just a passionate rock hound. Being able to quickly and accurately identify rocks and minerals is very important. Which are the best rock identification apps?

The apps can quickly and easily access information that can help us identify rocks and minerals quite accurately.

Here is the list of the best rock and mineral identification apps to help you identify the most common rocks on earth.

1. Geology Toolkit lite

Geology toolkit lite is a thoroughly practical, lively, and comprehensive application that allows geologists, hobbyists, or even kids to examine and explore the features of minerals and rocks under the petrographic microscope or as hand-specimen.

Whether you are preparing for an essay, studying for an exam, or want to enrich your hobby or expand your knowledge, Geology Toolkit is your essential guide. The Geology Toolkit app is also used as a virtual manual in disciplines like Mineralogy and Petrology.


  • Premium design. The interface is user-friendly and very intuitive.
  • Dedicated to Mineralogists.


  • Informative and educational
  • High-resolution images
  • Available to all devices
  • Free


  • Contains ads
  • The app is complicated for first-time users
  • Keeps crashing
  • Not detailed

2.   Rock identifier stone finder

If you are looking for a free app that enables you to identify rocks simply by photographing them with your mobile phone, you should try the Rock identifier.

You take a photo with your phone or upload an existing image from your gallery, and you quickly find out the name of that particular rock or gem or crystal or stone.


  • Impressive identification accuracy
  • Rich resources to learn about rocks
  • Beautiful & user-friendly interface
  • Save all your favorite geological observations in the app’s rock collection
  • Search function improvements allow users to search for 6000+ kinds of rock
  • Added more content/resources for learning about geology
  • Users can now add more information about each rock, including place of production, date of purchase, price, and size, along with uploading local photos to their collection


  • Identify stones, crystals, and minerals with a phone camera
  • Professional handbook of geology toolkit
  • Has an email service for one on one inquiry
  • Allows for recording and documenting your geological record
  • Rock identification premium has no watermarks or ads
  • Comprehensive rock guide and instructions


  • Designed for iPad users
  • Expensive

3. Minerals guide: Rocks, Crystals & Gemstones

Minerals guide: Rocks, Crystals & Gemstone is a comprehensive application that allows geologists and hobbyists to examine and explore minerals, rocks, gemstones, and crystals features.

Whether you are preparing for an essay, studying for an exam, or want to enrich your hobby or expand your knowledge, this app is your essential guide.


  • Contains over 4000 definitions of characteristics and terms
    • Ideal for professionals, students, and hobbyists alike
    • Advanced search function with autocomplete
    • Voice search
    • Work offline – database packaged with the app, no data costs incurred when searching
    • Includes hundreds of examples to illustrate the definitions


  • Full, fast, and free
  • Detailed instructions and pictures
  • Easy to comprehend
  • Available for use both online and offline


  • No navigation or instructions
  • A lot of ads
  • App doesn’t take a pictures
  • Slow- takes time to load

4. Geology Rocks- Handbook of Rocks

Handbook of Rocks is a free android applicant with a complete list of all rock types.

Nearly all rocks can be classified according to their origin into three major groups. These divisions include igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks.
Geology Rocks – Handbook of Rocks provides a compendium of more than 4000 rock type


  • More than 4000 rock types
  • Search by a particular field
  • Minimalist design
  • Very fast and fully searchable;
  • Basic details for each rock type.


  • Well described
  • Very fast
  • Available for all users
  • Nicely organized and easy to navigate


  • The app does not have pictures
  • It does not have an alphabetical index
  • Inaccurate information
  • Only provides information on rocks.

5. Rock Check

Rock Check application is an identification key for rocks. It is a teaching aid that can teach geological contents within natural science subjects in the formal school system. Rock Check application applicable for all interested social organizations in non-formal education and other geology enthusiasts.

Rock Check is more interesting than textbooks and can be used innovatively with active learning techniques.


  • The app has three main chapters; rock key, encyclopedia, and school of rock
  • Has a game- rock game
  • Education tool


  • Educational
  • Available to all devices
  • Well detailed
  • User friendly
  • Informative


  • Does not have enough photos
  • Not applicable to fun users
  • Does not take pictures
  • Identifies rocks only

If you need help in identifying rocks or in any mineralogy or geology homework, contact us. We offer top-notch assistance.

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