50 Best Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

How many hours do you take working on research? The answer is many hours. Psychology classes are the best, yet they can be mind-boggling, especially when looking for a research idea. Have you been searching for “evolutionary psychology research topics?” We have some expert recommendations for you.

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How Do We Select the Best Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics?

We select original topics

Originality is an essential aspect of research writing. That is why we formulate unique ideas or select the best shallowly researched ideas that you can easily expound.

Generating research topics is not an easy task as our writers do extensive reading and expose themselves to new material every day.


When generating evolutionary psychology topics, we test their feasibility. We always ask ourselves:

  1. Is the research topic relevant?
  2. Are these ideas sustainable?
  3. Is the political psychology research question possible to answer?
  4. Is the question manageable?


When a topic is appealing to you, it becomes easy to write and enjoyable for your audience. For these reasons, you should select the evolutionary psychology topics that excite you and the ones you can comprehensively write about.

Expert Tip: You should follow your professor’s guidelines when choosing topics from our site. Further, you should engage your supervisor for approval and work together extensively through the research process. Also, remember that we have professionals on our site ready to help you through the topic selection and project writing.

Best Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

HelpForHomework formulates the best evolutionary psychology research topics. Check out the list below:

  1. Evolutionary psychology perspective: Why do people cry?
  2. Evolutionary psychology perspective on hebephilia
  3. Evolutionary psychology perspective on shyness and introversion
  4. Evolutionary psychology: Controversies, prospects, and limitations
  5. Application of evolutionary psychology in marketing
  6. Correlation between evolutionary psychology and gender roles
  7. An evolutionary perspective on generational culture
  8. Evolutionary psychology perspective on child development
  9. Evolutionary psychology perspective on human social strategies
  10. Correlation between aesthetics and evolutionary psychology

Expert Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

Are you looking for expert evolutionary psychology research topics? We have some for you.

  1. Charles Darwin’s perspective on evolutionary psychology
  2. Evolutionary psychology and animal behavior
  3. Evolutionary psychology and mental health
  4. The evolutionary psychology of women
  5. Evolutionary psychology perspective on cognition and motivation
  6. Evolutionary psychology perspective on religion
  7. History, current status, and future of evolutionary psychology
  8. Integration of evolutionary psychology in the study of intelligence
  9. Is evolutionary psychology possible?
  10. The evolutionary psychology of eating habits and food choice

Exciting Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

Selecting exciting evolutionary psychology is not an easy process. But we have a list of suggestions for you:

  1. Psychological impacts of food inequality
  2. The evolutionary psychology of romantic relationships
  3. Evolutionary psychology for partner choice and gender fluidity
  4. The evolutionary psychology perspective on pandemics
  5. The evolutionary psychology perspective on hunger
  6. The future of evolutionary psychology on human partnerships
  7. Evolutionary psychology perspective on human behavior: Consumer brand choice selection
  8. Understanding eating disorders through the evolutionary psychology lens
  9. Evolutionary psychology model of understanding terrorism
  10. Evolutionary psychology perspective on social media: Psychology of terrorism

Interesting Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

An interesting evolutionary psychology research topic is appealing and straightforward. Take a look at our recommendations:

  1. Behavioral immune system: History, current concerns, and future
  2. Evolutionary psychology modern criticism
  3. Evolutionary psychology perspective on adaptations to predators and prey
  4. Evolutionary psychology perspective on psychopathy
  5. Evolutionary psychology: A quest to understanding human nature
  6. Evolutionary psychology: Adaptations to dangers from human
  7. Evolutionary psychology: The origin of the phobia
  8. How culture and childhood environment creates an unpredictable adulthood personality
  9. How does the behavioral immune system impact responses to COVID-19 threats?
  10. Implications of evolutionary psychology for behavior therapy

Hot Evolutionary Psychology Research Topics

Our professional writers generated hot psychology research topics to make you stand out from your peers. Choose a topic that interests you from the list below:

  1. Ethics of evolutionary psychology
  2. Evolutionary perspective: Evolution of narcissism
  3. Evolutionary psychology perspective of modern politics
  4. Evolutionary psychology perspective on feminism
  5. Evolutionary psychology perspective on modern criminal justice
  6. Relationship between evolutionary psychology and forensic psychology
  7. The evolutionary psychology of mate selection in your country
  8. The evolutionary psychology perspective on personality disorders
  9. The evolutionary psychology perspective on social development
  10. Young adults and crime and evolutionary approach

Final Verdict

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