What is ProctorU?

ProctorU is an online and virtual proctoring service that Tufts has adopted for online courses. It allows faculty to require students to take an exam in Canvas while a proctor observes them and the activity on their screen. But how do you cheat ProctorU?

ProctorU creates a locked-down testing environment for students. Designed for remote, high-stakes exams, it provides an additional layer of security and oversight that some faculty may want for their courses. In the Live+ version, your work would be monitored by a human proctor, as well as monitored by video and Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

How does ProctorU work?

After creating an exam event in ProctorU, students can schedule their exam session during a specific time window. Students who access ProctorU are assigned a proctor and begin the intake process. The process includes identity verification, scanning their physical testing environment, and a human proctor monitoring their screen and webcam. The Canvas exam requires a password to begin. ProctorU uses this password and enters it for the student in Canvas to begin the exam. The proctor may communicate with the student if needed via a chat tool during the exam.

You are stuck in front of a webcam showing your eye and body movements during the examination. You feel like you are pushed to a corner and have no way to get out. What do I do? How do I cheat without being detected? These are the questions you are asking yourself.

The following techniques are how you get around the problem:

1. Thin paper technique.

Just like its name, the technique involves a thin piece of paper. Before taking the exam, write down notes on a piece of paper. The writings should be small but readable. Place the paper above the keyboard slightly below the monitor; this is a blind spot where your webcam cannot detect the paper, therefore, giving you a chance to copy answers from the prewritten notes.

2. Hide and easy to reach technique.

The hide and easy to reach technique are pretty similar to the thin paper approach. Make sure you have your phone with you. How do you do this? You hide your phone before the scanning so that the proctor doesn’t detect it. Put the phone super close to you (not far away since the AI software can detect movements)

Try to find a phone case (either black or white) that matches the color of your desk. That way, during the scanning, your phone becomes undetectable as it blends in with the surface.

Once you start the exam, quickly grab your phone and place it at the blind spot, read from your phone, and scroll without being detected. While using this technique, kindly ensure:

  • Your Wi-Fi connection is turned off.
  • Your 4G mobile data is on.

Your mobile data doesn’t have the same IP address as the Wi-Fi, eliminating detection chances.

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3. Dim the lights and turn up the brightness

Before starting the test, make sure you dim the lights- do not turn them off. The laptop adjusts the screen light in low light, bumping up the exposure through the webcam. Turn the screen brightness to maximum. Once you do this, you can easily use your phone without the professor or the AI software detecting it due to the glare projected to your eyes. While using this technique, you should wear glasses.

4. Beanie/ headphone technique

While using this technique, you need three things; Bluetooth headphones, a friend, and a beanie. You can put the headphones in your ears, and with the beanie over it, it covers it completely. Your friend can then tell you the answers without your professor knowing.

The beanie/ headphone technique is simple, unique, and in no way will the proctor pick up on you cheating.

5. Tape/ Vaseline technique

The tape/ Vaseline technique is one of the most straightforward and practical techniques to cheat on a proctored exam. The technique revolves around changing the quality of your webcam.  Put one transparent layer of tape or a layer of Vaseline on the webcam. The coating gives the AI have a tough time detecting any movement, minimizing the possibility of an alert.

6. Screen mirroring with a friend

Out of all the techniques shared above, this is the best and most effective. It would help if you had a wireless mouse, a friend or friends, and a phone (WhatsApp)

Keep your phone on the screen and attach a wireless mouse to it; this allows you to use your phone freely while looking like you are using the screen. Pass an HDMI cable through the door to the other room where you can have helpers see the question, solve it for you and send the answers to you through WhatsApp on your phone.


All these techniques are about stealth and the environment. Do not forget these two important things while cheating on a proctored exam. Use what is around you to the best of your advantage. Best of luck!

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